Do dogs forget their owners?

Do dogs forget their owners? There are several ways your dog can remember you, although most studies show that it’s primarily either by facial recognition, or simply remembering your scent. So long as your dog has strong, healthy eyes, [the study showed] that he won’t forget you.” Your dog also can recognize you through their […]

What does the homework gap refer to?

What does the homework gap refer to? 2The homework gap which refers to school-age children lacking the connectivity they need to complete schoolwork at home is more pronounced for black, Hispanic and lower-income households. School-age children in lower-income households are especially likely to lack broadband access. What factors contribute to the homework gap? CausesAffordability.Lack of […]

Whats does resolution mean?

Whats does resolution mean? Resolution is the noun form of the verb resolve, derived from the Latin resolvere, “to loosen, undo, settle.” We can still see this meaning of resolution in the sense of “an explanation” or “a solution” when a problem, conflict, or mystery reaches its resolution, it has been “undone,” so to speak. […]

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