How can I help my ADHD child remember?

How can I help my ADHD child remember?

You Would Forget Your HeadGet emotional. Positive emotions set the stage for new learning. Get creative. Novelty helps a child with ADHD remember information. Use sensory cues. Studies show that the scent of peppermint enhances alertness and facilitates learning. Create mnemonics. Get moving.

How do you help a student shutting down?

Increasing anger toward school.Understanding the formula of shut-down learners. Cracks in the foundation. Lack of understanding. Strained family communication. Addressing (or preventing) shut-down learners.Trust your gut. Know what you are targeting. Take the heat out of the interaction.

What do you do when a student refuses to talk?

9 Ways to Respond When a Student Shuts DownStart by talking with the student. Checking in, even just briefly, can help kickstart a reluctant student. Grade accordingly. Make up the time. Find a quiet spot. Don’t nag. Consider the level. Break up the work. Set goals.

How can I get my child’s attention without yelling?

Whisper. When my children are getting loud and boisterous, instead of trying to get louder than them, I have started whispering. Touch Them. Just by placing my hand on their shoulder, and getting down on their level, I get their attention and eye contact too. Do Something Unexpected. Clapping Game. Tickle Monster.


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