How Do Explainer Videos Boost Your SEO Rankings?

How Do Explainer Videos Boost Your SEO Rankings?

As an eCommerce store owner, you are already aware of the benefits your eCommerce SEO company provides through digital marketing, such as attracting free traffic through the search engines.

However, the world of digital marketing never sits still for long. New strategies are always developing, which can help you grab the attention of your audience and increase conversions.

In this article, we are going to explore how an eCommerce marketing company can use explainer videos to boost SEO rankings.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is what the name suggests. When a visitor arrives on your landing page via any of your digital marketing channels, they are greeted with a short and catchy video featuring appealing visuals which grab their attention.

Explainer videos are either informational or educational, and the format you use will depend on your marketing goal for that landing page. For most eCommerce sites, the end goal of the explainer video will be to increase conversions.

Three ways Explainer Videos Can Improve SEO Rankings

Explainer videos are going to cost in terms of time and money for production, so you will want assurances they are going to increase your return. Here are three of the most immediate SEO advantages explainer videos can provide.

1.  Increase Time on Page

Google uses the time on page, or dwell time, to help determine your page ranking for a keyword. If visitors are arriving and ‘bouncing off’ in under 3-seconds, it signifies to the Google algorithm that your page may not provide the best solution or answer to a search query.

If you can keep your visitor on the page for longer, Google could reward your site with a higher position in the search engines because your page is giving the user what they want or need.

2.  Establish A Deeper Connection with Your Visitors

An eCommerce marketing site can no longer get away with a couple of simple images and a list of product features for each of the products it sells. Your visitors will want to know more, whether that be more info about your company, or seeing the product in action.

An explainer video is an effective means for creating a deeper emotional connection with your visitors. You can create higher levels of trust and authority via videos, which can dramatically increase your conversions as well as help with SEO.

3.  Websites with Video Rank Better than Websites Without

You have no doubt seen an increase in the number of videos Google is presenting to searchers at the top of the results page for any given phrase. When you add an explainer video to your website, you can also add it to your channel on YouTube.

Google owns YouTube, so it makes sense for them to give preference to websites which use video as part of their content strategy. Google themselves have an interesting statistic to share about video; almost 50% of internet searchers will look for a video before visiting a store.

Have you noticed a drop in visitor numbers and conversions for your eCommerce store? If so, check with your digital marketing eCommerce SEO company to find out more about how they can implement explainer videos into your marketing strategy and improve SEO and profit margins.  


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