How to manage the soiled diapers and sanitary napkins?

How to manage the soiled diapers and sanitary napkins?

If you are a teenage girl or a mother of a new-born baby, then you must be facing the problem of disposing of the soiled sanitary napkins and diapers in your daily routine. It is literally a challenge to dispose of the menstrual waste, as if it is not disposed of properly, then it may be hazardous for the environment. In this post, we will discuss the different ways to manage the used diapers and sanitary napkins, and also, we will suggest the best way to do it both in the household sector and municipalities. So, without any delay, let’s get started:

  • Wrap it up

Periods are a tough time period for all women. It creates more difficulty for working women. Moreover, periods make women feel more irritated and using a sanitary pad increases the rashes on the inner thighs making the things worse for them. After using these pads, these cannot be thrown in open garbage unwrapped as it may lead to many infectious diseases in society. Thus, it is suggested to wrap up the pads in a paper, put it into a bag and then throw it into the garbage bin.

  • Diaper disposal pail

If you want to get rid of the soiled diapers, then you can use a diaper pail. These pails are specially designed in such a way that the diaper’s smell is eliminated. These are very useful and easy to use. Diaper disposal pails are very pocket-friendly also. However, the method of disposing of differs from pail to pail.

  • Doggie waste bags

Doggie waste bags are easily available at any of the pet shops. These bags can be used to dispose of the diaper waste apart from dog waste. Moreover, these bags are biodegradable, thus can be used on a regular basis.

Above mentioned are the ways to manage the sanitary napkins and used diapers at an individual level. But we will also discuss the most suggested method which can be used in order to manage the soiled diapers and sanitary napkins in the best possible way, i.e. Incineration.

Incineration is a thermal treatment process which basically combusts the organic solid waste material and reduces its solid mass by more than 95%. It basically converts the tons of toxic waste material into some ashes and flue gases. Sanitary napkin incinerator are the biggest problem-solvers for municipalities as these incinerators are used to incinerate the soiled sanitary and diapers (both baby and adult diapers). These incinerators provide the most hygienic and safe way to dispose of menstrual waste, that too in large quantity. Nowadays, most of these machines are automatic, which makes the disposal much easier.

Sanitary napkin incinerators are not only used by municipality organizations, but also by many college hostels and residential societies. Apart from them, these incinerators are also being used by many households as these can be customized according to a household’s need. The incineration capacity may range from 50 to 500 pads per hour and even more. If we have to choose the best way to dispose-off the menstrual waste, then we must be going with the incinerators, whether these are small incinerators for households or large-sized incinerators for big organizations. Nowadays, specialized diaper waste incinerator are also being built, which further help in the process of disposal.


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