How do I get Firefox to open a new tab?

How do I get Firefox to open a new tab?

How do I get Firefox to open a link in a new tab?

  1. Use your keyboard. Go to the link you have in mind and hover the mouse over it. Press on the CTRL key on your keyboard and left-click on the link.
  2. Change configuration settings. Open a new tab in your browser, type about: config in the address bar, and hit the Enter key.

Why does Firefox keep opening new windows instead of tabs?

Firefox may repeatedly open new, empty tabs or windows after you click on a link, forcing you to close Firefox. This usually happens because you chose Firefox as the program to always use for a particular action, such as opening a certain type of file or launching an application to send mail.

How do I get Firefox to open a new tab with keyboard?

Ctrl+T and middle-click Pressing Ctrl + T opens a blank new tab. If you want to open any link in a new tab, press your middle mouse button (often the scroll wheel) to open that link in a new tab.

How do I stop Firefox from opening new tabs?

Launch Firefox, select “Tools” and then choose “Options”. Click the “Content” tab and then select the “Block pop-up windows” check box. Apply the changes by selecting “OK”.

When I open a new tab it opens a new window?

Click on Tools and select Options… from the menu. Select the Tabs tab and check the option Open new windows in a new tab instead to open new windows in a new tab. Uncheck it to have windows open in a new window.

How do you open a new tab with keyboard?

Open a new tab

  1. Windows & Linux: Ctrl + t.
  2. Mac: ⌘ + t.

How do I change my New tab Homepage Firefox?

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  1. Click on menu icon.
  2. Click on options.
  3. In left pane, click on Home menu icon.
  4. In this menu, you will find an option New Windows and Tabs.
  5. In this option, you will find a dropdown menu named Homepage and New Windows.
  6. and, choose Firefox Home (Default).

How do you open a new tab in Firefox?

Open up Firefox and click on the menu button. From the menu, click Preferences. In the General section, locate Home page and type about:newtab in the text area. That’s all there is to it. Now, when you open Firefox or click the Home button, the New Tab window will appear.

Why isn’t Firefox working?

Corrupted Files: Though it is not 100% sure,all the signs point towards corrupted files.

  • Drivers: Sometimes,drivers will interfere with other applications and can cause Firefox certain web page won’t open issues or something like that.
  • Add-ons: Firefox allows users to install attached components that can offer other features for your browser.
  • Why won t Firefox open?

    Firefox browser won’t start. This problem can be caused by a faulty configuration (profile), Firefox extension, a broken Firefox process or even malware.

    How do you set the default page in Firefox?

    The default Firefox setting is to show you the Firefox home page when you start Firefox, click the home button or open a new window. If you don’t see this page when you start Firefox, click the home button or open a new window, you can restore the default setting like this: Click the menu button and choose Options.Preferences. Select the panel.


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