How do I get from Porto airport to metro?

How do I get from Porto airport to metro?

Public transport Line E (purple) of Metro do Porto connects the airport with Porto’s city centre. The metro runs on average every 20 minutes from 06:00 hours in the morning to 00:30 hours at night. The journey time to the middle of Porto (Trindade subway station) is 26 minutes.

How do I get from Porto airport to city?

Porto airport is connected to the city by the 3M night bus route. This hourly service departs the airport 30 minutes past the hour; from 00:30 to 5:30. The 3M bus terminates in the Avenida dos Aliados (central Porto) where it returns to the airport on the hour (00:00 until 5:00).

How much is taxi fare from Porto airport to city Centre?

You will definitely need a taxi especially if you have much luggage. The cost of the outward trip from Porto Airport to the city is usually between 20 to 30 Euros. Most taxis here are metered and therefore haggling over the cost is really not an available option.

Does Porto airport have a train station?

Porto Airport has a station on the Metro do Porto light-rail system. Metro from the airport runs to the city centre TRINDAD station currently every 30 minutes every day from 05.57 until last train at 00.42 every night.

Is Uber available in Porto?

Once banned in Portugal, Uber is now available in several cities in Portugal like Lisbon, Porto, Braga, and across the Algarve. It’s also not the only taxi app that you can use in Portugal. There are plenty of others like Bolt (previously Taxify) and Free now (previously MyTaxi).

Is Porto a safe city?

Porto is a safe city to visit and has very few of the social problems associated with a city of its size. Most tourists will not experience any issues or problems while on holiday to Porto or touring through the north of Portugal.

Does Porto have a metro?

The Porto Metro (Portuguese: Metro do Porto), part of the public transport (mass transit) system of Porto, Portugal, is a light rail network that runs underground in central Porto and above ground into the city’s suburbs. Metro do Porto S.A. was founded in 1993, and the first line of the system opened in 2002.

Are taxis expensive in Portugal?

Lisbon Taxi Fares and surcharges. The basic Lisbon taxi fare is €0.47 per km, and there is a minimum fare of €3.25. If you take a taxi out of the city limits (to Sintra, Cascais or Sesimbra) the rates are significantly more expensive, and if you travel on the toll expressways, the toll is charged to you.


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