How do you call Jerusalem municipality?

How do you call Jerusalem municipality?

Jerusalem Municipality Hotline 106

  1. 106+ App.
  2. Call the 106 Hotline.
  3. Chat with a representative.
  4. SMS.

How much is Arnona Jerusalem?

Type of Use Area Tarif per Sq m.
Services, Commerce and Offices (less than 150 sq m) All city 354.75 ₪
Laundries, more than 400 sq m in the Atarot Industrial Area (block 510 and 710) Atarot 123.90 ₪
Electricity Facility All city 185.40 ₪
Banquet Halls, more than 500 sq m All city 190.33 ₪

How do I pay Arnona?

You may pay your Arnona payment in several ways The account can be paid in cash, by credit or check in all the different bank branches, including the postal bank by telephone, or using a credit card. In addition, the voucher can be paid in one payment at the call center, or by means of a credit card.

Was Jerusalem a country?


Jerusalem ירושלים (Hebrew) القُدس (Arabic)
Administered by Israel
Claimed by Israel and Palestine
Israeli district Jerusalem
Palestinian governorate Quds

How often do you pay Arnona?

The Municipality sends out the Arnona bills every January, informing you of your liability for the coming year. The Arnona bill must be paid by the 30th of January, and late fees will be applied for each month that the bill is overdue.

What does Arnona mean in Hebrew?

Roaring Stream
The name Arnona is primarily a female name of Hebrew origin that means Roaring Stream. Feminine form of the name Arnon.

Is Jerusalem in Africa or Asia?

Jerusalem is located in the Middle East which is part of the Asian continent. Jerusalem dates as far back as about 5,000 years having been mentioned in Biblical stories.

How does Arnona work in Israel?

Arnona is a type of property tax that residents of local authorities are required to pay. The collected arnona is used to pay for buildings within the local authority (or municipality) and a variety of other public services. Arnona must be paid, regardless of one’s opinion of the quality of services provided.

What is Arnona tax Israel?

Arnona is a local property tax paid by each household to the local municipality / council. In Israel, this tax is also paid by renters. The tax rate differs widely from location to location.

When was Jerusalem destroyed 607 vs 587?

The generally accepted year today, instead of 607, is 587 b.c.e., which was given by Parker and Dubberstein and began to be accepted by scholars in the immediate years after the Second World War.


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