How long does it take to kayak to the Apostle Islands?

How long does it take to kayak to the Apostle Islands?

This trip will take roughly a week to complete, allowing you to stop and explore 11 of the islands along the way. You’ll be able to view more sea caves and old lighthouses as well as find hiking trails on some of the bigger islands.

Can you bring your own kayak to Apostle Islands?

Because of Lake Superior’s power and unpredictability, the National Park Service does NOT recommend the use of small open boats, canoes, open cockpit or sit-upon kayaks, and paddleboards for travel between islands or to the sea caves. A sea kayak is the recommended kayak that should be used in the Apostle Islands.

How long does it take to kayak to Devil’s Island?

Devils Island Excursion It takes approximately an hour by power boat to get to this destination. Upon arrival, weather permitting go kayaking through the beautiful sandstone caves or just sightsee from the comfort of the 27 foot yacht. 4 hour trip $500 for 1or 2 people and $100 for each additional person.

Can you kayak the Apostle Islands without a guide?

Kayaking Without a Guide: While kayaking free of a guide at the Apostle Islands is permitted (and enticing), it is only recommended for kayakers with some previous experience on the water.

Which Apostle Island has best sea caves?

Devil Island
It was a fun trek and we learned a lot about this region. We even took a cruise with the Apostle Islands Cruise and they were the best to see the sea caves from close for less of what we had paid for kayaks. They brought us to Devil Island, which has the most astonishing sea caves in this region.

Is it hard to kayak the Apostle Islands?

While sea kayaks are useful and common ways of getting around Lake Superior, Apostle Islands kayaking can be a difficult and, occasionally, dangerous activity. Hopeful kayakers should understand the equipment and experience necessary for running a sea kayak on the lake’s often unstable waters.

How far are the Apostle Islands from shore?

Plus, because the island’s dock is only three miles from another NPS dock at Little Sand Bay on the mainland, it would easy enough to visit in a day, if there were a means to do so.

Can you stay on the Apostle Islands?

A variety of camping is available on the islands from rustic or remote to more traditional campsites. Use your own boat or kayak to access the islands or board one of the island shuttles offered by the Apostle Islands Cruises. Apostle Island Cruises also offer a variety of narrated boat and lighthouse tours.


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