How many people work at Holcim?

How many people work at Holcim?

Our 70,000 people are passionate about building progress across our 70 markets and four business segments: Cement, Ready-Mix Concrete, Aggregates and Solutions & Products. The world is evolving and so is Holcim.

What is Holcim doing to protect nature?

For Holcim, nature encompasses two main elements: water and biodiversity. We will protect and restore the natural resources we rely on. We will replenish the freshwater we use and make a measurable positive impact on biodiversity, building a nature-positive future. For Holcim, nature encompasses two main elements: water and biodiversity.

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Why ptpt Holcim Indonesia Tbk?

PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk – Holcim Indonesia is a pioneer and an innovator in Indonesia’s fast-developing cement sector, as the market for homes, commercial buildings and infrastructure expands. We are the only provider of a fully integrated range of 10 cement types, concrete and aggregates.

Why choose Holcim Beton?

Holcim Beton was first to market with SpeedCrete®, a fast-setting concrete that slashes time on repair work to roads and developments, while our MiniMix phone service allows same-day ready-mixed concrete delivery; we were also first with mobile concrete batching plants.


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