Is the Aqua Sana open at Centre Parcs?

Is the Aqua Sana open at Centre Parcs?

We are delighted that our Aqua Sana Spas are fully open, however, to ensure that you can relax and leave feeling refreshed, we have retained some of our changes.

Does Whinfell forest have a spa?

Aqua Sana Whinfell Forest is available to book as a spa day or spa break, or as part of a spa session during a Center Parcs short break. Come and see what’s new on your next visit and experience all that Aqua Sana Spa has to offer.

Can you use the spa at Centre Parcs without staying?

You don’t have to stay at Center Parcs to experience Aqua Sana. You can book one of our Spa Days or Packages and experience all that our spa has to offer. We’re not currently taking bookings for spa packages.

What is spa Centre?

A spa is a location where mineral-rich spring water (and sometimes seawater) is used to give medicinal baths. Spa towns or spa resorts (including hot springs resorts) typically offer various health treatments, which are also known as balneotherapy.

Is spa included in Centre Parcs?

Already visiting Center Parcs? Make a little time for some pampering and relaxation during your Center Parcs break, indulge in a three hour spa session or treatments and experience all that our spa has to offer. Just add your Aqua Sana choices to your existing Center Parcs booking.

Do Aqua Sana provide towels?

At Aqua Sana we want all our guests to feel at ease so all you really need to bring is your swimwear and something for your feet – slippers or flip flops. We provide guests with a robe, towels and toiletries.

Where is whinfell?

Whinfell Forest is a small area of woodland in the parish of Brougham, Cumbria, south east of Penrith in Cumbria and just off the A66 road leading to Appleby-in-Westmorland.

Is whinfell Centre Parcs hilly?

Yes it is hilly and large. They do have lodges etc close to the centre but you pay extra.

How long is a spa session?

A typical massage can be as short at 10 minutes, or as long as two hours. Most often, you will hear people asking for a half hour, hour or ninety minute session.


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