Sex Education

Should Schools Teach Sex Education?

Sex education could be described as a process through which information is acquired and the formation of the beliefs and attitudes about sex, relationships, sexual identity and intimacy. It could as well be viewed as something that is about the development of the skills of young people, to enable them make better-informed choices concerning their behavior (Kendall, 2013).

Sex Education

This therefore, appears to be a difficult topic when it comes to public school education. There exist several aspects through which children could be educated sexuality and sex. There also exist some opinions and beliefs in terms of the feelings parents have concerning the subject (Gitchel & Foster, 2001). Thus, if this subject is taught in various schools, what could be the extent to which this education is made proper? Due to this, the debate of whether this responsibility lies with the parents or teachers might continue over a very long period (Holt, 2009).

Individual parents do not want to hear of the suggestion leave alone making it happen. Echoing the view are certain teachers who do not wish to teach such a subject as they see it as outside their scope of work. On a different page are teachers and parents who feel it should be taught both at home and in schools. They view it as a topic that neither of them can escape. Moreover in between these controversies is a group that would love to bury their heads in the sand and just hope for the best (Levine, 2003). All in all one would concur that with the emerging current trends, it would be best if such education was incorporated gradually into the curriculum.

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