What are 5 interesting facts about cathy Freeman?

What are 5 interesting facts about cathy Freeman?

Cathy Freeman (Palm Island)

  • Commonwealth Games Gold 1990.
  • 2 x 400m World Champion.
  • Gold medal in 400m 2000 Olympics.
  • Silver Medal in 400m in 1996 Olympics.
  • Three-time Olympian.
  • Lit the Cauldron at 2000 Olympics.

Did you know facts about Cathy Freeman?

Freeman began competitive running on the advice of her stepfather. At age 17 she won a gold medal at the 1990 Commonwealth Games as a member of the 4 × 100-metre relay team and was named Young Australian of the Year. In 1992 she became the first Australian Aboriginal person to compete in the Olympics.

What is cathy Freeman famous for kids?

(born 1973). Australian sprinter Cathy Freeman triumphed in the 400-meter race at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. She was the first Australian Aboriginal athlete to win an individual Olympic gold medal.

Where was cathy Freeman born for kids?

Cathy Freeman facts for kids

Personal information
Nationality Australian
Born 16 February 1973 (age 48) Slade Point, Mackay, Queensland
Education Kooralbyn International school, Fairholme College, University of Melbourne
Occupation Runner

What are Cathy Freemans achievements?

Athletics at the 2000 Summer Olympics – Women’s 400 metres
Athletics at the 1996 Summer Olympics – Women’s 400 metres
Cathy Freeman/Medals

What was Cathy Freemans education?

The Kooralbyn International School TKIS
University of Melbourne
Cathy Freeman/Education

What is Cathy Freeman doing now?

Since 2007, she has been the co-founder and director of the Cathy Freeman Foundation, a non-profit organisation that focuses on educational programs to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children fulfil their potential in school and beyond.

Who was Cathy Freeman’s role model?

Anne-Marie had severe cerebral palsy and passed away in 1990 but continues being Freeman’s biggest inspiration.

How many siblings did Cathy Freeman have?

Norman Freeman
Anne-Marie FreemanGavin FreemanGarth Freeman
Cathy Freeman/Siblings

What is Cathy Freemans legacy?

Cathy became involved in athletics at a very young age and won her first race at eight years old. During her 2000 Olympic Games victory lap in the 400 metre sprint she carried both the Australian and Aboriginal flags — a symbol of reconciliation and pride in her Aboriginal cultural heritage.

Who is Cathy Freeman’s parents?

Cecelia Freeman
Norman Freeman
Cathy Freeman/Parents


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