What are the best seats at the American Airlines Center?

What are the best seats at the American Airlines Center?

Best Seats at American Airlines Center The best seats for Dallas Mavericks game are located in sections 105-108 and 117-120. For any basketball game, you want to sit as close to center court as possible, so sections 118-119 and 106-107 will give you the best view of Dirk Nowitzki and company.

Where are the best seats at American Airlines Arena?

Best Seats For a Concert at American Airlines Center On the Floor: Sections Floor 10, Floor 11, Floor 12 and Floor 13 are Floor Seats, which offer some of the closest views of the performers. For many concerts, floor sections are added or removed.

How many does the American Airlines Center seating?

Housing both the NBA Dallas Mavericks and the NHL Dallas Stars, the American Airlines Center displays its unique versatility with its retractable seating transforming from a 20,000 seat basketball arena into an up-close action-heavy 18,532 seat hockey rink.

How wide are the seats at American Airlines Center?

between approximately 17” to 22”
Seats at American Airlines Center vary in size. Seats will be between approximately 17” to 22” in width.

How many seats per row at American Airlines Center?

Floor sections typically have rows 1-24 with up to 14 seats per row. However a couple of rows at the front may have up to 48 seats. 100s sections have rows 1-37 with up to 32 seats.

What is platinum preferred level at American Airlines Center?

Platinum Preferred Seating Sections 208-211 and 216-219 are considered Platinum Preferred section. The only added benefit to these seats are their spectacular views to the court, rink, or stage. For sporting events, these sideline locations mixed with the elevated height of the level make for an ideal views.

How many seats in a row at American Airlines Center?

Who paid for the American Airlines Center?

American Airlines Center. 50% publicly financed, 50% by the Basketball and Hockey teams. David M. Schwarz/Architectural Services, Inc.

Does American Airlines Center have handicap seating?

American Airlines Center provides wheelchair and companion seating with appropriate sight lines on all levels. Patrons purchasing accessible seating may purchase one (1) accessible seat and up to three (3) companion seats adjacent to the accessible seat.

What is platinum level at AAC?

Platinum ticket buyers have access to the premium restaurants and bars on the dedicated, upscale Platinum level concourse. Platinum Level is the in-seat wait service. Suites at American Airlines Center are named Platinum, Flagship and Admiral. Flagship suites hold 12-18 people, while the Platinum suites hold 12.

How much are box seats at American Airlines Center?

How much do suites at American Airlines Center cost?

Low Range Location High Range
$3,500 Flagship Suites above 100, end view $10,000
$3,000 Platinum Suite above Club level $8,000
$3,000 Admiral Suites below 300 $7,000

What is a flagship suite at American Airlines Center?

The Flagship level is the most upscale and exclusive level at the American Airlines and is home to 58 luxury suites, the Lexus Platinum Club, The Arrangement Club, EFFEN Vodka Bar, The Wine Press, and Beachbound Lounge.


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