What are welt pockets on a jacket?

What are welt pockets on a jacket?

Welt pockets are either found on the front of a man’s tailored jacket, with a handkerchief tucked in to them, or on the reverse of a pair of jeans. They are bound, flat pockets that have finished with a welt or reinforced border along the edge of a piece of fabric.

What are pockets with flaps called?

Welt Pocket Another common style for dress pants, a “welt” refers to the narrow fabric edges (one or two) which are attached separately and frame the pocket opening. Many welt pockets feature a flap (such as those found on the back of men’s formal or dress pants).

Are welt pockets real?

A welt pocket is a sewn pocket that is topstitched in place on top of a garment. This pocket is often flat and sometimes includes a reinforced border along the edge of the fabric. Welt pockets come in different forms and styles.

What are invisible pockets?

These are secret pockets that are sewn to the inside of garments to safeguard your belongings. This is usually additionally added and is not visible from the outside.

What is bound pocket?

​Bound pockets fall in the slash pocket category. A slash pocket opening is cut into the fabric surface as opposed to being patched on or sewn into a seam. A bound pocket is also commonly referred to as a double welt pocket. These welts are either machine stitched or hand stitched into the pocket’s slash opening.

What are different types of pockets?

Types of POCKETS | Best Style Guide

  • Patch Pockets.
  • Side Seam Pockets.
  • Flap Pockets.
  • Zippered Pockets.
  • Hidden Pockets.
  • Expanding Pockets and Cargo Pockets.
  • Kangaroo Pockets.
  • Draped Pockets.

How do you draft pocket with flap?


  1. The flap should be attached after the pocket has been sewn onto the shirt.
  2. Apply fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the upper flap piece.
  3. Pin the two flap pieces right sides together.
  4. Stitch the two pocket flaps right sides together at the indicated seam allowance (3/8” in our case).

What are the different types of pockets?

This list isn’t exhaustive, but it covers the main types of pocket that appear on garments we feature here at Heddels.

  • Curved Inset Pocket. Image via The Jeans Blog.
  • Slash Pocket. Image via Jonathan Trumbull.
  • Flapped-Patch Pocket.
  • Western Pocket.
  • Jetted Pocket.
  • Jetted Pocket with Flap.
  • Bellows Pocket.
  • Seam Pocket.

Why are women’s pockets sewn shut?

If you’ve ever bought a new suit or dress slacks, you’ve noticed some pockets are sewn shut. The reason for this is purely aesthetic. Sewing pockets shut keeps suits looking fresh. You can remove the stitching yourself after buying it or keep it sewn shut to retain the crisp look.


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