What is Jeep anti-spin differential rear axle?

What is Jeep anti-spin differential rear axle?

An anti-spin rear differential axle is designed to keep your Jeep securely on track, whether in the mountains, on winter roads, or in rough terrain. During periods of low traction, anti-spin rear differentials are designed to lock the rear wheels together to improve traction.

How does anti-spin differential rear axle work?

The anti-spin differential works by allowing for different wheel speeds between the rear wheels during turns, then locking the wheels for better traction when spinning. A clutch pack inside the differential engages and disengages to lock and unlock the rear wheels without any manual input.

Do Jeep Wranglers have limited slip differential?

Most stock Wranglers are equipped with an open differential which works extremely well until you get stuck because only one wheel will be spinning. This is where it’s useful to have lockers for your Wrangler. There are also limited slip and spool type Jeep differentials. All have their own benefits.

Do all Jeeps have limited slip differential?

All Jeeps do not have locking differentials. However, all 4 x 4 Jeeps share power with the front and rear axles when your 4-wheel drive system is engaged.

Is anti slip the same as limited slip?

Limited slip and anti-spin provides the same functionality. Power is applied equally to the left and right tires providing better traction in mud or on snow and ice. With an open differential one tire will spin and the other will do nothing.

What is Jeep hinge gate reinforcement by Mopar?

Additional Details: Swing Gate Hinge Reinforcement allows for larger tires to be mounted on the swing gate. The reinforcement is powder-coated black and works with production hinge for easier installation.

What are lockers on a Jeep?

What Is A Jeep Locker? A Jeep locker is a device that locks the axel of your vehicle so that power is dispersed evenly between both wheels of the axel. Lockers can be used on the front axel of your Jeep Wrangler or on the front and rear axles simultaneously.

What is a differential on a Jeep?

Basically, a Jeep differential is a mechanism that allows the wheels to spin at different speeds, making it especially useful for smooth cornering on the roads—or for crawling between rocks and mud slicks on Sunday drives in your Jeep.

How do I know if my Jeep has limited slip differential?

Rotate either rear wheel. If the wheel on the other side turns in the opposite direction, you don’t have limited slip. If it turns in the same direction, you DO have a limited slip diff.


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