What is kurato/Kyu Naru fluff?

What is kurato/Kyu Naru fluff?

Kurato/KyuuNaru fluff if you squint. Kurama hated everything, until he met one boy who asked him something he had never heard before. Captain Kurama is an infamous pirate. Naruto is a mermaid. They meet and an adventure happens. Yaoi KyuuNaru. Terrible sins can be committed out of ignorance.

How old is Naruto and his brother Kurama?

Read to find out!! Naruto is 14 years old adorable fox demon.He has 3 years older brother Kurama.They are the demon princes and they go to the human Kohona high school.There they meet vampire Uchiha brothers.Sasuke and Itachi.What happens when certain vampire and your brother fall in love with you?Kyuunaru Sasunaru Show more Loading

Why does Kyuubi turn into a human for a month?

Kyuubi gets turned into a human for a month by Kami. Why? Because he fell in love with his calm and caring host known as Naruto Uzumaki. What will happen when Naruto finds his secret crush has a crush on him find out latter I love a demon!? (Naruto fanfiction) every since that dreadful night Naruto’s light vanished.

What does Kyuubi want from Naruto?

XP YaoiXNarutoXharem Kyuubi wants freedom, but to gain it he has to make a little deal with Naruto… contains strawberries, boy flirting with boy, and is a pure crack fic. rated for language. Naruto’s summer.

What is Kyuubi no Kitsune?

A community dedicated to the love/friendship/relationship between the great Uzumaki Naruto and Kurama “Kyuubi no Kitsune”. It’s been so many years but the love has not died and this couple STILL needs more love ! As evident by the title this is the malexmale version of the couple only. Fics of ALL languages excepted.

What happened to the Kyuubi in Naruto?

The Kyuubi has escaped, taken Naruto with him, and his revenge on the world is nothing anyone could of ever seen coming. 7 /? Naruto except it’s based on the shitty cliche OP Naruto stories on FFN/Wattpad.

Is the Kyuubi more dangerous than the Akatsuki?

While the Akatsuki was well known through the dark underworld it inhabited, and equally feared owing to the likes of several of its members, there were others who struck just as much terror. The Kyuubi (and later his lover the Fox) was certainly one to be feared.


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