Can you cut back scotch broom?

Can you cut back scotch broom? When you prune a scotch broom plant, be conservative about how much to trim. Only trim back a little to shape the tree. Never cut off more than one-quarter of the foliage in any one year. If you need to do more scotch broom pruning than this, spread the […]

Who were the ducks at Gallaudet?

Who were the ducks at Gallaudet? The “Ducks” were: Dwight Benedict, ’80, Stephen Hlibok, ’85, Michael O’Donnell, ’84 & G-’96, Jeff Rosen, ’82, Paul Singleton, ’81 & G-’89, Jamie Tucker, ’81, and Fred Weiner, ’88. What were the 4 demands of DPN? The four demands were formed in the morning: 1) deaf president to be […]

Who made SS13?

Who made SS13? Exadv1 Space Station 13/Developers Who owns SS13? Space Station 13 Developer(s) Originally Exadv1, now community based Engine BYOND Platform(s) Microsoft Windows Release 16 February 2003 How old is SS13? 18y Space Station 13/Age Is Among Us inspired by SS13? Christopher Dorch, a junior studying broadcast journalism, jumped into the game after a […]

What are the 6 generations?

What are the 6 generations? Generation names explained The Lost Generation — born 1883-1900. The Greatest Generation — born 1901-1924. The Silent Generation — born 1925-1945. Baby Boomer Generation — born 1946-1964. Generation X — born 1965-1980. Generation Y — born 1981-1996. Generation Z — born 1997-2012. Generation Alpha — born 2013-2025. What is the […]

What is EFS in security?

What is EFS in security? The Encrypted File System, or EFS, provides an additional level of security for files and directories. It provides cryptographic protection of individual files on NTFS file system volumes using a public-key system. How does BitLocker differ from EFS? EFS Encrypts Individual Files Rather than encrypting your entire drive, you use […]

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