What is the political election symbol of Congress party?

What is the political election symbol of Congress party?

After the separation of the two parties, there was also a dispute about the party logo. The “Old Congress” retained the party symbol of a pair of bullocks carrying a yoke while Indira’s breakaway faction was given a new symbol of a cow with a suckling calf by the Election Commission as the party election symbol.

What is the logo of Trinamool Congress?


Description English: Logo of “All India Trinamool Congress” political party Русский: Логотип политической партии “Всеиндийский Тринамул конгресс”
Date 6 August 2010
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Author MDragunov

Who established Trinamool Congress?

Mamata BanerjeeAll India Trinamool Congress / FounderMamata Banerjee is an Indian politician and academic who is serving as the ninth and current chief minister of the Indian state of West Bengal since 2011, the first woman to hold the office. Wikipedia

When was the All India Trinamool Congress formed?

January 1, 1998All India Trinamool Congress / Founded

What were the election symbols of the Congress party and Bharatiya Jana Sangh in the first general election of 1952?

The symbol of the party in Indian elections was an oil lamp and, like the RSS, its ideology was centred on Hindutva. In the 1952 general elections to the Parliament of India, BJS won three seats, Mukherjee being one of the winning candidates.

Which is the election symbol of Indian Communist party?

Political Parties and Symbols

National Party
S.No Name of Party Symbol
4 Communist Party of India Ears of corn and sickle
5 Communist Party of India(Marxist) Hammer, Sickle and Star
6 Indian National Congress Hand

What is the symbol of National People’s Party?

Its election symbol is a book. The significance for the same is that the party believes that only literacy and education can empower the weaker sections.

What is the symbol of Bharatiya Janata Party?

Bharatiya Janata Party
Number of states and union territories in government 17 / 28 (28 states) 3 / 3 (3 UTs) 20 / 31 (Collectively 28 States & 3 UTs)
Election symbol
Party flag

What is the election symbol of Shiromani Akali Dal?

Shiromani Akali Dal
Seats in Lok Sabha 2 / 543
Seats in Rajya Sabha 2 / 245
Seats in Punjab Legislative Assembly 13 / 117
Election symbol

What is the symbol of Bharatiya Janata party?


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