Who plays the mandolin on Maggie May?

Who plays the mandolin on Maggie May?

Ray Jackson
The mandolin player on the actual recording was Ray Jackson of Lindisfarne. The album version of “Maggie May” incorporates a 30-second solo guitar intro, “Henry”, composed by Martin Quittenton.

Who played the instruments on Maggie May?

Ray Jackson, the man who played the mandolin on Maggie May – surely the most famous solo featuring that instrument – was shabbily treated by Rod, going uncredited on the album and being paid just a stingy £15 for his work. Two other musicians who worked on the song died young.

Is Maggie May a true story?

This song was inspired by the woman who deflowered Stewart when he was 16. In the January 2007 issue of Q magazine, Stewart said: “‘Maggie May’ was more or less a true story, about the first woman I had sex with, at the Beaulieu Jazz Festival.” With his reputation on the line, Stewart was nervous.

What is the story behind Maggie May?

What is the meaning behind ‘Maggie May’? ‘Maggie May’ is about the conflicted emotions of a boy involved in a relationship with an older woman and was written from Rod’s own experience. Rod has also said that the name was taken from “an old Liverpudlian song about a prostitute”, also called ‘Maggie May’.

Who played mandolin on mandolin Wind?

In 2003, Ray Jackson claimed to be the mandolin player on the album, at least for the song “Maggie May.” Jackson is the mandolin player from English folk-rock band Lindisfarne. Mason attributes the mandolin playing to Martin Quittenton.

What is the instrument at the end of Maggie May?

Ray Jackson onstage in 1971 playing his Columbus acoustic-electric mandolin. This is the only photograph he has of himself from that year, when he used this instrument to record the solo heard on Rod Stewart’s hit single “Maggie May.” Click to enlarge.

Can Rod Stewart play an instrument?

Stewart’s music career began in 1962 when he took up busking with a harmonica. In 1963, he joined The Dimensions as harmonica player and vocalist.

What instrument is at the end of Maggie May?

Did Rod Stewart grow up poor?

The family was neither affluent nor poor; Stewart was spoiled as the youngest, and has called his childhood “fantastically happy”. He had an undistinguished record at Highgate Primary School and failed the eleven plus exam.


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