Why Are Not All CBD Oils the Same?

Why Are Not All CBD Oils the Same?

As much as 40 percent of young adults in their 20’s have tried a form of CBD. Whether they are taking it for general health or they want to treat a health condition of some sort, CBD has become a very natural way to achieve a high level of wellness. The demand for CBD products is growing at a fast pace. Because of this, a number of CBD brands have popped up in the past couple of years. Some online stores like sippycupmom.com are selling high quality CBD products.

Whenever you’re taking a health supplement of some sort, you want to make sure that you’re using only the best. The best products are available at sippycupmom.com. It can take a little bit of research to ensure that you’re picking out the best product on the market. In general, stay away from brands that aren’t very transparent about their ingredients, growing process or manufacturing process. A reputable brand will tell you all about their company. They’ll even provide you with lab results for their different batches of product.

Is all CBD oil the same quality?

The CBD market is currently overwhelmed with hundreds of different brands. Some CBD products are made with organically grown cannabis. No pesticides or fertilizers were utilized in the production process. A CO2 extraction method is the safest around. There will be other brands that are looking to simply mass produce CBD products. Their final product may not be very potent or pure. The challenge you are faced with is determining which CBD products are reputable. Marketing can make the process of selecting a good product difficult.

Tips How to Identify High-Quality CBD Oil

Third-Party Lab Results

A reputable CBD brand should provide you with the results that come from self-funded, third-party lab testing. This information will include ingredients, potency, THC content, etc.

Growing Processes

Make sure that you choose a CBD brand that tells you all about how they grow their cannabis. The safest CBD product you can choose will be one that is made using organically grown cannabis that is free of chemicals.

Extraction Method

There are many different methods that can be used for extracting CBD from the cannabis plant. You want to stay away from anything that uses chemical solvents. The CO2 extraction method is the safest method available.

Marketing Techniques

There are companies that will use some tricky wording as a way to sell their products. A product may claim to be ‘all natural’, but this doesn’t equate to organic. You could also be shopping for a product that contains a high dose of CBD per serving. Wording on the product packaging can be misleading when it comes to how much CBD you’re actually getting in the entire package of product. Do your own math to see what your final cost would be per milligram.


Currently, ten percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 44 are using CBD on a regular basis. CBD is commonly being used for chronic pain, inflammation, seizures, cancer treatment, appetite stimulation, anxiety relief, alleviating depression and much more. It can even be used for pets.

It can be tempting to grab the first CBD product that you see on a store shelf. Unfortunately, you need to do a bit more research in order to ensure that product is the safest one available to you. Take your time when learning about CBD. This will help you figure out what you should buy, what form of CBD you want to take and when you should be taking it.


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