What are the aims of colonial education?

What are the aims of colonial education? Colonial education intended to reduce illiteracy and add skills to African people who could operate in different activities directed. Education aimed to produce African elite who could work on the side of the colonial masters. What is the contribution of colonial government of the education in Nigeria? For […]

Is Hurghada hot in July?

Is Hurghada hot in July? Hurghada weather July It has a subtropical climate which brings warm weather to the region all year round, with temperatures at their peak in July. This month’s the height of summer in Hurghada, and it gets very hot in the warmest part of the day. Is it too hot in […]

What is une ficelle a type of?

What is une ficelle a type of? A ficelle is a type of French bread loaf, made with yeast and similar to a baguette but much thinner. The word ficelle literally means “string” in French. Is Une Chambre masculine or feminine? The gender of chambre is feminine. Is Raclette masculine or feminine in French? In […]

Is East Penn School District Virtual?

Is East Penn School District Virtual? Remote: All students are learning entirely remotely without any face-to-face instruction provided. How old is Emmaus High school? Built in 1955, Emmaus High School is a four-year comprehensive high school. How many schools are in East Penn School District? The student population of the district is approximately 8,000 students. […]

Is polyglyceryl-10 laurate safe?

Is polyglyceryl-10 laurate safe? The Panel reviewed the available data and considered conclusions from relevant previous CIR reports, and determined that these ingredients are safe in cosmetics in the present practices of use and concentration described in this safety assessment when formulated to be non-irritating. Is polyglyceryl-10 laurate natural? Description : Polyglyceryl-10 Laurate is naturally […]

What is Judgement based approach?

What is Judgement based approach? The PRA states that “judgement based” supervision will entail its staff making judgements about current and future risks to an institution’s safety and soundness and the action the PRA should take to address these risks. How does PRA regulate? The PRA, through regulation, sets standards/policies which it expects firms to […]

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