Can I play Halo 4 on Xbox 1?

Can I play Halo 4 on Xbox 1? Yes, inserting the disk into the system will play the game like it were on the 360. It may have to download/install updates, but it is 100% backwards compatible. According to Microsoft, Select digital and disc-based Xbox 360 and original Xbox games can be played on Xbox […]

Where is Roger DeCoster today?

Where is Roger DeCoster today? KTM is pleased to announce that legendary motocross icon Roger De Coster has signed a two-year contract extension to continue his strategic role as Director of Motorsports in North America. Currently in his 10th year with the KTM family, De Coster’s new agreement will extend through the 2022 race season. […]

What is a Superose 6 column?

What is a Superose 6 column? Superose® 6 Increase 10/300 GL is a versatile, prepacked column for high-resolution size exclusion chromatography in small-scale (< 500 μl sample volume) preparative purification, as well as for characterization and analysis of proteins and other biomolecules with molecular weights between 5 000 and 5 000 000. What gel is […]

How much are London lawyers paid?

How much are London lawyers paid? Once you qualify, London-based solicitors earn up to £100,000 (sometimes more depending on the firm). Meanwhile, those based outside of the capital earn up to £54,000. Working in London, criminal solicitors earn on average approximately £52,500. What type of lawyer gets paid the most UK? Rule of Thumb for […]

What do WAIS scores mean?

What do WAIS scores mean? This index reflects an individual’s ability to understand, use and think with spoken language. It also demonstrates the breadth and depth of knowledge acquired from one’s environment. It measures the retrieval from long-term memory of such information. What is the highest WAIS score? 160 The highest score that can be […]

What is a ZOLL monitor?

What is a ZOLL monitor? The ZOLL Cardiac Monitor continuously monitors a patient’s heart rhythm, automatically detecting and recording clinical arrhythmias as well as patient-initiated recordings. This information is automatically sent to the patient’s physician for review and diagnosis using the online patient management system. What is ZOLL used for? ZOLL® offers many clinically advanced […]

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