The internet is the most powerful tool for sharing information

The internet is beyond doubt the most powerful tool for sharing information with others in the global space. It has also proven to be away in which one can communicate to another and with the introduction and creation of social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter soon electronic forms of communications such as e-mail will be taken over. The internet has created a realm and a space where people have made friendship, and some have cemented their old friendship through constant communication. In other cases, it has created a platform for intimate friendships to begin and grow.


The internet has made it possible to create for business owners a way of marketing and selling their products online. Through the building of websites and online portals, corporate have been able to link together from different spheres and realms in the world. Some from Asia while others from Africa. A network such as LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and has brought professionals together.

People have formed friendships online that have made most and several of them to meet face to face, and even though some have met offline for the first time they felt a strong sense of connection in the meeting. The internet has also helped to create and maintain friendships and even formation of more intimate relationships.

A platform such has Skype have enabled face to face communication and even some companies have used this form of communication to link to their customers. Marketing in this age and day has gone a top notch higher since majority of the companies have resorted to online marketing.

With the growing trend of innovation and technology we expect more and more online portals and apps to be created as a form of bringing people together.

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