The Most Typical Cyber Crimes

A cyber-crime refers to an offense that is carried out using a computer and a computer network. Most of the computer crimes threaten the security of the user’s information and often expose them to psychotic internet crooks. Internet offenses manifest in different forms, and various countries set up cyber security bureaus to deal with these law-breakings. This paper explores the most common cyber-crimes and ascertains the potential danger that they cause to individuals, companies, and authorities.


According to Brenner (2010), cyberbullying is the most common internet offense. The internet bullies exploit the growth of the internet use among the populace to belittle their victims. The bullies post offensive messages about their victims which often leaves the dupes psychologically disturbed. The dupes may also impersonate their victims and post detrimental information about them. Thus, this act poses a security menace to the cyberspace users.

Wall (2007) demonstrates that spamming is a typical cyber-crime that affects most internet users. The spammers send useless information to many email subscribers. The purpose of the spam emails is to dupe the users to give their personal information involuntarily in an act known as phishing. Some of these messages carry computer malware that may harm the user’s computer. These spam messages make the navigation of the user in their emails an unpleasant adventure.

Fraud is also a prejudicial internet offense. This crime threatens the security of the online financial transactions. The cyber terrorist hacks the accounts of their victims and accesses the funds of their dupes. In particular, these cyberpunks access the security details of their victims and use them to take loans and the funds available (Brenner, 2010). Particularly, the criminals steal the identity of their victims.

In conclusion, cyber-crimes are dangerous to every internet user. In this light, it is important for the cyberspace users to practice caution when they surf the internet. Taking the right precautionary measures is the only way of ensuring that the cyber security firms achieve the desired online protection.

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