What are implied arguments?

What are implied arguments? arguments (overt arguments attempting to persuade the. audience towards a point of view) and implied arguments. (arguments that appear on the surface not to be arguments but. actually seek to persuade the audience of a point of view or. views). What is a good example of an argument? For example, the […]

IS IT Band-Aid or bandage?

IS IT Band-Aid or bandage? Band-Aid is a brand of adhesive bandages distributed by the American pharmaceutical and medical-devices company Johnson & Johnson. Invented in 1920, the brand has become a generic term for adhesive bandages in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and others. Is Band-Aid one word? Trademark. a […]

What is a rack cabinet?

What is a rack cabinet? A 19-inch rack cabinet is a standardized size frame or enclosure for mounting equipment. Each piece of equipment has a front panel that is 19 inches wide. To determine if your rack cabinet is a 19″ rack, measure the hole to hole spacing and it will measure 18.31 inches. The […]

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